Admiralgaarden is built in 1915 using the same blue prints as then King Christian X's villa. When it was first built it had direct access to Sønderstrand (the local beach). But as the habour has expanded the beach is today a short walk away.

The rooms are located on the ground floor and first floor. Some rooms are equipped with small terrasses or balconies. There are double rooms with own bath and toilet - the larger of these being room no. 401 and room no. 408. 

A small apartment is situated on the second floor. Here you find two bedrooms, each with two beds, and also a living room and bathroom. The apartment has two balconies - one overseeing the sea and the other overseeing the town.

On the ground floor and first floor we have both single and double rooms equipped with wash basins. These all have shower and toilet facilities in the hall very near the rooms.

Admiralgaarden has a total of 24 rooms and is located 2 minutes walk from the main building, where breakfast i served each morning, and where you will find both reception, restaurant and sitting rooms.

The annex got its name from Degn Brøndum's brother, John, who was a Merchant's captain. After he retired from his position, he would follow the traffic of the ships from the top plateau of the building. As John loved telling stories of his life at seas, the people dubbed him "the Admiral". Despite the many expansions of the harbor over the years Admiralgaarden is still just a glance away from the beach.

Smoking is prohibited in all our buildings, and no pets are allowed. You will find free Wi-Fi in all of the hotel. There are no TV in the rooms.