Degn Brøndum thought that running water and hot baths were unnecessary, since the hotel was only 200 meters away from the beach. When swimming in the ocean was good enough for him, then why should it not be for others as well?

In the main building, where the oldest parts date back to 1874, you may therefore find showers and toilets outside the rooms while bathrobes and washbasins are in the rooms. All rooms within the main building were thoroughly refurbished in 2008.

Trolles Hus, Finnens House and Anchersvej 8, all of which are small Skagens Houses, are all en suite. In the Admirals Yard from 1915, built according to the same design as King Christian X and Queen Alexandrines "Klitgården", you will find 11 rooms with bath while the remaining 13 have washbasins.

You will not find televisions or radios in the hotel. The hotel is generally characterized by Degn Brøndums ascetic lifestyle, where only food and drinks as well as culture were thought to be important.

Smoking is prohibited in all our buildings, and no pets are allowed. You will find free Wi-Fi in all of the hotel. There are no TV in the rooms, but a TV is available in one of the sitting rooms in the mail building.

The Main Building

The main building has 16 double rooms and 5 single rooms, all with showers and toilets located in the hallway on the 1st and 2nd floor, while bathrobes and washbasins are in the rooms



The Admiralgaarden has 11 double rooms with shower and toilet. The other 8 double rooms and 5 single rooms are all with showers in the hallways, while bathrobes and washbasins are in the rooms


Anchersvej 8

Large Skagen-villa is situated just a few minutes' walk from the main building and has a beautiful private garden with fruit trees


Trolles Hus, Anchersvej 7

Charming apartment complete with bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchenette. Outside it has a terrace garden from where you can enjoy the lovely fresh air and the special light over Skagen.