When you book your accommodation directly on our website, we guarantee that you will get your stay at Brøndums Hotel at the best online price.

If you compare our prices with other online prices, please note that the number of persons, arrival date, length of stay, room type, cancellation conditions and any package contents are the same on both offers before you can make an accurate price assessment.

  • Prices found on 3rd party websites. For example (but are not limited to) Octopus.com, otel.com, getaroom.com, vivastay.com and Amoma.com. These are not Brøndums Hotel's affiliates, which is why Brøndums Hotel cannot guarantee the content of these websites.
  • Prices found in currencies other than Danish kroner.
  • Special "membership prices" reserved for members of special schemes or associations.
  • "Auction Discounts" offered through other websites. Brøndums Hotel reserves the right to change or cancel the price guarantee, without warning of any errors or omissions in the price.
  • The price must be publicly available and possible to book - that is, the booking must be completed.
  • Most internet sites are covered by the price guarantee, for example (but are not limited to) Booking.com, Expedia.com, Hotels.com, HRS.com.
  • Brøndums Hotel assumes no responsibility for any fees that may be charged in connection with cancellation of a booking at a lower price through a website other than Brøndums Hotel's own.

  • The last available rooms
    During periods when fully booked, you are most likely to find a hotel room that may or may not be canceled directly with us. We can be flexible as we have a complete overview of all our hotel rooms.

  • Immediate processing of your reservation
    When you book directly, we will receive your booking immediately. This makes it easy for you if you have any changes to your booking.

  • A booking without intermediaries
    There are no intermediaries and no hidden fees.

  • A secure transaction with SSL encryption
    We protect your personal information and all payment is made via an encrypted and secure line. It is therefore safe and secure to shop on our websites.

  • Direct support from our own staff
    We work for and are physically located in the hotel and thus have the best conditions to help you.

  • Opportunity to meet special requests
    They have the option of desiring a particular room - for example, request an allergy-friendly room or a room with a good view.

  • Hotel deals you won't find anywhere else
    We offer a range of hotel deals that you cannot find anywhere else.

  • No payment till check-out
    Many of our hotel offers do not require payment till check-out.