When it comes to Skagen's seaside hotels, Brøndums Hotel - with its central location - must be said to be the city seaside hotel. As a neighbor to Skagen's Museum and with distances of approximately 600 meters to the center of Skagen, around 1,000 meters to the harbor and just 500 meters to Skagen Sønderstrand, which is one of Denmark's best beaches, Brøndums Hotel is the ideal place to spend the night when you want to experience Skagen and at the same time find peace of mind in the middle of the old town, Østerby.

Brøndums Hotel actually started as a guest house in circa 1840, and later gained hotel status. The oldest part of the current main building dates from 1874, while an extension, designed by Ulrik Plesner, was completed in 1892. However, the first expansion was not sufficient, and the hotel was expanded again in both 1897 and 1909. By 1915, Brøndums Hotel had become so popular, that another addition was needed. This time in the form of Admiralgaarden, which was built in according to the same drawings as the royal residence "Klitgaarden". The current owner, Bendt Fredberg, has incorporated three additional guesthouses Finnen's House, Trolle's House and Anchersvej 8 to the hotel. It offers accommodation in a more private setting and all three guest houses are equipped with their own toilet and bath.

At Brøndums Hotel, we cherish our history, the charm and the original spirit of the Artist Colony era. Although today there are rooms with both bath and toilet, Brøndums Hotel is still a traditional seaside hotel. Thus, today there is not shower and toilet in every room. They are equipped with fine washbasins, and all guests are offered bathrobes and well-appointed bathrooms are spread over the floors.

Despite our love for the hotel's history and spirit, we recognize the evolution of time and the needs that come with it. Therefore we have free Wi-Fi for all our guests, as well as free parking at both the main building and our annexes. The rooms are not equipped with neither TV nor radio.

The port environment in Skagen has also evolved with industrialization. The Admiralgaarden, which used to be right down to the seafront, is now next door to the industrial harbor environment. For this reason, noise can sometimes be experienced at Admiralgaarden. Likewise, at the Brøndums Hotel, as in the rest of Skagen, you will sometimes sense odors from the FF-Skagen.

A delicious breakfast is served each morning in the hotel's main building. If you want to have lunch or dinner in our renowned restaurant, we recommend ordering a table.

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